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bioshockstamps's Journal

Bioshock Stamping Community
Mid-Atlantic, 63° 2' N, 29° 55' W, Ocean Floor
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A Bioshock Stamping Community

I am mouette_lunaire, and I'm here to ask you a question: Is an lj-user not entitled to know exactly which character from the video game Bioshock he or she is most like? Well, I reject ripping off the rest of that speech. Instead, I immediately give you BIOSHOCKSTAMPS.

Layout images provided by The Cult of Rapture.

The temptation to skip reading the rules is forgivable. Breaking the rules is not.

{+} Keep it civil. Insults or setting fire to other members of the community will not be tolerated.

{+} Pushing for a certain stamp beats the purpose of this community. Join a roleplay if you want to show off how much you are like one of the characters.

{+} You can tag your application with .needs votes to help speed things up. However, please don't use or alter any other tags.

{+} You don't need to be stamped in order to vote. In fact you are even required to vote on all unstamped applications before posting your own application. Remember, only parasites expect to be stamped for free. ♥

{+} VOTING: You can vote an applicant as up to two characters, a list with further info can be found here. Please bold the character(s) of your choice. Also try to have your own opinion and not just copy what the person above you said (unless you really agree of course). And most importantly:

{+} ELABORATE YOUR VOTES, WOULD YOU KINDLY? We don't need an essay, but we do want a good reason why you think an applicant is like the character you chose.

{+} You will be stamped after five votes. If you are unhappy with your stamp you can re-apply once, but please wait at least one month before posting your second application.

{+} We may not be as addictive as splicing, but we do hope that you stick around to occasionally vote on others even after you've been stamped.

{+} If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions you may contact mouette_lunaire any time via PM or by responding to a mod posting.


Copy and paste what's in this box and you're ready to go!


In addition to our regular personality stamp we offer a variety of themes to provide you with more matches and to make staying around more interesting.

{+} The general community rules still apply and more information on each theme can be found in the corresponding theme posting.

{+} You can apply for any theme whenever you like, even without a regular stamp, however you may only have one application open at a time and must wait for it to be stamped before posting the next one.


affiliates & links

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Also take a look at our LIST OF AFFILIATED STAMPING COMMUNITIES and comment there if you would like to be added.


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